What to Know about Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Louisiana

Facts about Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Louisiana

Workers' comp can cover against a wide range of work-related illnesses and injuries, including those sustained in vehicle collisions. All employers in Louisiana are required by state law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with a few exceptions. Most employees who work in real estate, entertainment, mining, and certain non-profit agency jobs do not need to be covered. Also, sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers, and LLC members may opt to be excluded from coverage. 

More Louisiana workers compensation insurance facts 

  • Workers in Louisiana average about 34,870 job-related injuries a year.
  • About 15,700 of these injuries require time off work or job restrictions.
  • On average, there are 108 worker fatalities per year in LA, most of which are transportation-related.
  • The most dangerous jobs in Louisiana are in the construction and the transportation & warehousing industries.

Average Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Louisiana

Rates for workers' compensation insurance in this state are about 20% higher than the national average. That’s why it’s so important to work with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents work with multiple companies to get you the best insurance at the best price. Your price for coverage will be based on your company’s overall payroll and the types of jobs your workers do. 

Average Cost Range for Workers' Comp Insurance in Louisiana (Per $50,000/yr in Payroll)

average cost range of workers compensation insurance in louisiana

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

  • You can have all of your insurance needs handled by one local agent.
  • Independent agents can shop around to find you great policies at competitive rates.
  • Agents who live and work in your community understand your coverage needs.

Find an Independent Insurance Agent

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What Does Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Cover? 

Workers’ compensation insurance helps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses from causing large financial losses for your employees. It also shields your business from many potential liability lawsuits. You can expect a standard Louisiana workers’ compensation policy to cover the following:

  1. Medical treatment: Workers’ comp can cover the cost of medical treatment needed by employees who have been injured or become ill on the job. In Louisiana, treating physicians must get approval from the insurance company for treatment that exceeds $750 in total costs.
  2. Supplemental earnings benefit: If an employee is injured on the job but is approved by a physician to return to work for light duty only, that job is likely to pay less than they’d been making. Workers' comp can bridge the gap by providing 2/3 of the difference in pay for up to 520 weeks.
  3. Temporary disability payments: If an employee needs more than seven days off to recuperate from a workplace injury, workers’ comp can provide them with weekly payments of 2/3 of their average weekly wage up to $657/week until they are able to return to work. 
  4. Permanent disability payments: Workers’ comp can provide permanently disabled workers with weekly payments of 2/3 of their average weekly wage for up to 100 weeks for partial disability and for life for total disability. Employees may also receive a one-time payment of $50,000 for catastrophic injuries.
  5. Death benefits: If a work-related injury or illness results in death, workers' comp will cover up to $8,500 in burial costs and will provide financial compensation in the form of weekly benefit payments to the employee's spouse and dependents.

A workers’ comp claim may be denied if it is determined that the injury was a preexisting condition, if the employee did not report the injury in a timely manner, if the claim was not filed within 30 days, if the injured employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the injury, if the injury did not actually occur on the job, or if the injured worker is not an official employee of the company. If you believe your claim was unjustly denied, you can appeal it by requesting a formal hearing with the Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation.

Independent Insurance Agents in Louisiana 

There are currently 421 independent insurance agents in Louisiana who are ready to help you find the best workers’ compensation insurance policy to cover your business. Your agent can work with several different insurance providers to help you find a competitively priced policy that is well-suited to your particular business industry. Talk to an agent near you to start comparing customized workers’ compensation insurance quotes.

Why go Independent

Why Go Independent When Looking for Workers' Comp Insurance?

  • Expertise in your business
  • Multiple quotes from one agent
  • Get more value for your money